What is Socially Conscious Creative Content?

Socially Conscious Creative Content is content that is created to highlight issues, build power in the community, and uplift the consciousness of the people. Socially Conscious Creative Content is used by organizers every time they create a tiktok, twitter post, or other platform used for the purpose of social media. Ordinary organizers all over the world use these platforms to create platforms for and center issues that are important to them. We’re here today talking about how to create a program to drive engagement and organize across political lines.

How do I move to creating content to engage with communities?

Moving to create content that engages and empowers is an easy and open ended process. It starts by imagining what content you want to write and how you wish to impact the community. Do you want your community to grow and do cool projects? For me it’s by creating platforms and ecosystems of creators and organizers in Richmond Virginia. For us, it may be in producing more cool projects that positively benefit our community, like a mural on your business, or a new website banner to highlight an issue. It may also be writing guides and creating new power. Whatever you intend to do, make sure that you’re creating content that centers issues that you care about and engages ordinary people in your issues.

Creating a Socially Conscious Creative Content bucket to hold your work

It is so integral to build a mile deep and an inch wide in working an issue. Having that sort of deep knowledge and willingness to share it is important. When you discover your topic and how you wish to impact your community, choose a platform that will hold your work. There are many good ones, and here are a few that have historically been useful for me:

  • Tumblr
  • A website blog
  • Some kind of journal
  • Mastodon
  • Twitter / X

The rest of them I have had varying levels of success, but often bad! Many are oriented towards the marketing of knowledge, rather than the propagation itself. Twitter (X) is an example of a platform that has degraded as a source of the digital commons. Tumblr, on the other hand, is experiencing a microblogging renaissance following the degradation and enshittification of the internet.

Some platforms, like Discord, are effectively antishare – Discords are more disposable and transient for knowledge gathering spaces, but their knowledge should be kept in other places.

In organizing work, I get most of my easy resources from tumblr and local antiquarians.

Make your Socially Conscious Creative Content accessible!

Make sure your bucket is accessible to users. Not every bucket is easy to use, and few buckets do stand the test of time. A website blog will probably keep longer than a mastodon account, which may keep longer than a Twitter (X) account. When we’re storing knowledge, keep it as one would a library – Well organized, thoughtfully curated, and well made. When we say well made, we mean that you have taken time to talk about it, and not shot from the hip. A conscious approach is core to Socially Conscious Creative Content. What we are fighting against is a predatory ecosystem that is created by antagonistic SEO actors who use AI generated work to crawl to the top of the search charts. You can see this if this article is topping the charts, which we anticipate.

Create an ecosystem of Socially Conscious Creative Content

As valuable as a single bucket is, it often doesn’t have reach without conversations with other creators in your local area. For us in Richmond Virginia, we take time to create an ecosystem of socially conscious creative content – helping out people who are fellow creators, weird art makers, builders, organizers and other peoples. If you make something and you think it’s cool, take a minute to find out if other people are also working on cool projects, and bring them together to cooperate and build. If you’re trying your best, your knowledge will be shared by the people around you, and that’s pretty neat!

Writing Socially Conscious Creative Content

Writing the socially Conscious Creative content may seem daunting at first, but consider the world we live in and tools that are available to us. We have AI to help us create cogent outlines, and good grammar correction software. Furthermore, we have an outstanding knowledge that systems of white supremacy and settler-colonialism have created impossible standards of how good we write, speak and provide knowledge to each other. For this reason, and because of the ongoing shittification of the internet*, just go ham. It’s a surreal era and we have a chance to do better in the world.

*(which is the word used for the ongoing degradation of our infrastructure, send tweet external link in article for positive seo value)

When I’m writing this work, it’s as much a fight against the bad SEO landscape as it is an attack and indictment of AI. You can write some well polished garbage and it will top the charts. This article going to the top of the charts, and scoring smiles on Yoast proves it.

So really, really experiment with the format.

Reading Socially Conscious Creative Content

Get a tumblr. Follow us on Tumblr. Let’s make the world a little weird and chat together. I’m sick of SEO articles whinging on listicles and the prospect of AI is driving me batty with that. So I write to have a little fun and really let loose. It turns out too, that the skillset is fine if you wish to go guerilla on SEO optimization and community building. Try it today!

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