Today’s work on the Kasama theme has us diving into the font sizes on the theme.json – The theme is built in TailwindCSS and Gutenberg blocks, so the theme.json will be responsible for controlling the font settings on the cms end. It really underscores that we are building and Optimizing WordPress Themes for maximum editability.

I’ve gone and set all the font sizes today. You may notice that the home page has a nicer font sizing that’s consistent. That’s because of the theme’s font sizes getting extended. The font sizes let us select the sizes without finagling too hard. I’m loving it!

We’ve gone and updated the Kasama theme to version 0.6 – This one adds the standardized font sizes.

What’s next?

We have a pricing block in the pipeline.

A local block for local businesses.

Our pricing structure is specifically oriented to helping out local businesses. The blue color is soothing and looks great against our honeydew background. The palette was created in house by us. I spent much time over on slamming the color button and finding the perfect theme for us. pointed me in the right direction with theme json editing. Thanks for reading about Optimizing WordPress Themes for maximum editability!

Check out our commits and the Repository here

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