Kasama Theme v0.8

Header Spacer

Introducing the Kasama Theme v0.8, where we built out the header spacer. Bid farewell to the hassle of inconsistent header spacing. With our advanced header spacer feature, your header maintains perfect alignment from the moment your page loads. Say goodbye to those frustrating instances of missing the first five lines of your post!

Card Block

We implemented a card block. The card block is extensible and allows us to create them in groups!

Card Heading

Each card allows us to place a heading. Each heading is adjustable in both font sizing, heading type, and Content


The inner part of the card is extensible, allowing us to insert whatever content we are interested in!


Buttons are fully customizable with text and color

Why do it this way?

We’re doing it this way to keep the theme lightweight and customizable. Having a simple card template lets us do that! Each card offers the flexibility to tailor headings to your specific preferences. Adjust font size, type, and content with ease, ensuring your message resonates with your audience effectively.

What’s next for the card block?

Stay tuned as we continue to enhance the Kasama Theme with exciting new features, including maximum width settings for different screen sizes, default base sizing options, and enhanced functionality for backgrounds and colors.

This is rad

I know. It’s the Kasama Theme v0.8 – A lightweight theme that’s built for developers and designers alike. Check it out here

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Header Spacer Blues

In the land of themes, there’s a new kid in town, Bringing with it a header spacer, quiet and profound. Keeps the header’s stature steady, right from the start, No more losing those crucial lines, it’s a work of art.

Card Block Boogie

Here comes the card block, ready to groove, A jammin’ feature, creating groups that move. Flexible and extensible, it’s a sight to behold, In the world of themes, it’s a story yet untold.

Card Heading Shuffle

Every card’s got a head, it’s a flexible tale, Adjustable font, type, and content, without fail. You can twist it and turn it, make it your own, In the land of cards, the freedom’s grown.

Let’s Roll, Let’s Roll Away

Inside the cards, there’s room to roam, Fill it up with your heart’s own home. Buttons shine bright, customizable in hue, In the theme of life, it’s a breakthrough.

Why We Do What We Do

We keep it light, keep it lean, No need for heavy, just a simple scene. A template for the soul, a call-out so true, In the world of themes, it’s a breakthrough.

What’s on the Horizon?

Max width on screens, a default base to start, Backgrounds, colors, adding soul to the art. The journey’s just begun, but the vision’s clear, In the realm of themes, there’s no need for fear.

Simply Splendid, Ain’t It?

Kasama Theme v0.8, it’s the name of the game, For developers and designers, it’s all the same. A tune for the dreamers, a melody so fine, In the world of themes, it’s about time.

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