I spent the past few days building out the initial flyout menu for the website.

You may have noticed, if you have visited this site in the past few days, that we are using a wordpress default theme. This is an intentional strategy to build long term SEO Value – Google is very much aware of how long content is up, and while I build out the theme, I can still build out SEO Value.

Today though, we hit a very cool and very good milestone. I finished out the header prototype for the site, and will be able to bring it in in the next few weeks.

I’ve elected to do a very simple flyout, built with vanilla class management and liberal use of the tailwindcss group function. Did you know that you can arbitrarily designate a group in tailwind, and use it to cleanly group atomic classes? I learned that today :D.

Anyways, I’m cooking today and hoping to get the hero jammed out. We are on track to update the sites styles by about Friday. I hope you enjoy it then!

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