Field Agent V1.0.0 Release Notes

Field Agent dropped today Our first version of Field Agent, our flagship CRM and toolkit designed for organizers, by organizers, is here. We hope that this toolkit serves as a resource for organizers everywhere.

Field Agent is donationware – You can use it for free, download it, modify it, fork it, whatever you may need to do. We only ask that you retain the donation link and link our website to it.

Field Agent New Features

Version 1.0.0 of Field Agent brings Canvassr, a tool for creating and cultivating Canvasser lists. Organizers can use the tools present to create new list items, and label if the person that they canvassed responded favorably, or rejected the canvassing.

Field Agent Canvassr Screen, with add new entry section, 4 entries.

Canvassr is the start of many features to Field Agent. Our plan is to create a fully featured application for managing, storing, and organizing lists. This tool is great for small organizations that are just getting off the ground, and need some easy to use tools to build their community.

We’re looking for feedback on this tool, and I’d love to see folks use it to organize their community.

As we move forward, let us know what we can do to improve the application. If you’re an organizer, shoot us a message or contact us with feedback – We’re building this app for you!

How did we come up with Field Agent?

This application is the result of a decade of organizing experience by our folks. We have a solid idea of what organizers need. Tools like Action Network are great, but the pay structure and affordability can cripple organizers ability to create and manage lists of organizers.

We’re not having it, which is why Field Agent is donationware. Pay what you can, and we’ll figure out the rest.

Interested? Time to get in the Field, Agent!

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