Today is pretty cool because we’re doing a basic launch of the theme!

This is version 0.4 of the Kasama theme, a theme that I’m building in house on an MIT License. Feel free to check it out, share it, break it. I’ll be working on this through the coming months and continuing to create powerful wordpress themes.

Check out my git repo here

I’ve put the theme on the site for right now as well – We’ll be pulling this out to a child theme and continuing to build the site out. Next up is a pricing page. I’ve been thinking about the pricing verticals and how to support businesses and organizations in RVA while also staying solvent.

Kasama 0.4

Kasama 0.4 is the version with a header, content, and footer. It’s the most barebones bootstrap of the theme that I could possibly build out. It uses vanilla blocks and a sprinkling of Avanced Custom Fields. Pretty much every block features the InnerBlocks Element, allowing users to change it up and introduce their own limited design. That’s the primary philosophy of myself and this theme – small portions that work well together.

Attached below is a silly version of the first website – I’m hoping to laugh at how bad this is later. Like a spacex launch pad, bad.

Speed Testing

The Theme screams though – We’re talking a sub 3 second load time in suboptimal conditions. Goes to show the value of simple design and utilitarian ethic. If I removed the image we could get it even further – Maybe I will design a logo with that in mind!

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